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About the Border Terrier

The Border Terrier originated in the harsh and beautiful Border District between England and Scotland.  A Border Terrier type breed was well known by the late 18th century, although the name "Border Terrier" was not commonly used until the 19th century, when these dogs became the hunt terriers of the Border Foxhounds thus the Border Terrier.

 Bred to protect livestock against hill foxes and other predators and to serve as companion dogs in the remote Border Counties farm and hunt country, the Border Terrier is good-natured, affectionate, and easily trained; alert, active and agile; small enough to face, bolt, draw, or kill his prey.  He has sufficient length of leg and stamina to follow a horse all day, and his double coat  a hard, wire outer-coat and an insulating under-coat, is weather resistant and repels most dirt. They are the only terrier to have a loose pelt, which is a source of protection, but also allows maneuverability in tight places

 The Border Terrier is a balanced workmanlike dog, built to do the work for which it was bred...his head, which distinguishes the breed from any other terrier, should be like that of an otter, moderately broad and flat in skull with a strong, short muzzle. Border Terrier coat colours are red, grizzle and tan, wheaten, and blue and tan.  Dark ears and muzzle are preferred because they contribute to the Border Terriers typical alert expression, but are not mandatory,

 The foremost aim of today's breeder is to breed and maintain the Border Terrier's health, it's working terrier characteristics; gameness, temperament and conformation, so that it will remain equal to any task.

 The Border Terrier can be an ideal companion for all ages.  The Border Terrier enjoys life, loves people, and adapts well, small enough to live happily in a city apartment, and sturdy enough to plunge into country living when the opportunity arises.  He is a loving, undemanding companion and family dog, and a good watchdog without being high strung or yappy.  His harsh mostly tangle free  coat is relatively easy to care for, needing regular brushing and occasional stripping. (unless you want to maintain a show coat)


  1. The Border Terrier does shed.

  2. The Border Terrier is not hypo-allergenic.

  3. Border Terrier Bitches can and do occasionally fight (and it can be very serious).

  4. The Border Terrier is first and foremost a terrier; which may well dispatch vermin. (rabbits, rats, mice and yes this can include cats)

  5. When the Border Terrier barks, remember that this bark is meant to be heard from 30 feet underground.

  6. If the Border Terrier is not contained and decides to bolt after quarry, they go hearing impaired and do not respond to recall. The Border Terrier needs to be walked on lead or contained in  a fenced yard.


  1. The Border Terrier is loyal and loveable.

  2. The Border Terrier is an all weather dog.

  3. The Border Terrier is adaptable to almost any situation.

  4. The Border Terrier is a relatively healthy breed.

  5. The Border Terrier has not been over-bred. (So keep it a secret).

  6. The Border Terrier is a people dog.

The reality is that the Border Terrier may or may not be the the dog for you. You need to weigh the pros and cons and make an educated decision based on fact not your heart.


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