Our Past Is But A Memory Away

Our Beginning

 Wimberway's Borders a Beadle (Bea) (1990-2006)was our first Border, she was the dam and and Grand dam of champions. Bea in her short 16 years, with her zest for life, her love of a party (with it's abundant redirected morsels), and most of all her love of everyone, amassed a world wide fan club. She may not have been a champion in the show ring but her powers of endearment were such that she was a true champion of the breed winning over many a convert to the breed  Sad to say Bea died on her 16th birthday, one of the most difficult times we have had to deal with in all our years with dogs. There is not enough space on this page or any other to say how we feel about this special little dog. All we can say is that those who knew her, loved her!

Our First Border Terrier for Show

Can Ch. Plushcourt Brainwave ( LUCY) (1991-2004) was imported from England, having a brief show career, produced three puppies from two litters, before being placed in a loving forever home where she was an only child and quite happy.

Can Ch. Plushcourt Fearless (Dodger) (1991-2003) was imported from England shortly after Lucy , a wonderful little man who's whole purpose in life was to patrol the perimeter of the yard thus his nickname PC Plod.  Dodger sired only a few litters, but was the Sire ,Grand sire and Great-Grandsire of three generations of champions.

Can Ch. Plushcourt Rainbow (Zippy) (1992-2006) pictured at 12 1/2 years of age. Zippy is the Dam, Grand -dam and Great-grand dam of 3 generations of Ganymede champions.

CAN. Ch. Ganymede's Treacle Tart (TREACLE) (1996- ) Enjoyed her retirement with Randy Moison.


Can. Ch.Ganymede's Penhaligan (Penny), finished at 15 months with 17 points, back to back 5 point majors in Canada and with 21 points and 6 majors in the U.S. Penny took the breed over Specials from the Bred by Exhibitor Class at the Terrier Breeders Association of Canada on May 20th, 2000 and repeated the win the same day at the Kitchener Waterloo Kennel Club show, where the entry was supported by the Border Terrier Club of Ontario. With multiple group placings in Canada and the US. She retired to living in a loving home with Armund and Nancy Myklebost who loved her to bits!


Ganymede's Bridgit Barder (Bridie) (March 17, 1993-March 16, 2007) Born on St Paddy's day, a Beadle daughter out of Dodger in our first border litter. Bridie was a shy dog and needed all the love you could give her.

 Am & Can Ch Ganymede's Gold Charm AGN.(Trinket) (2003-2008) This is a photo by Noora Haapanen, a perfect picture capturing the essence of this wonderful little dog. As Noora would say my little Stinky, a name we all affectionately called her (there was nothing Stinky about her). At just over 4 years of age we lost Trinket to Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a battle we (she) fought for nearly a year. With no know cause or cure, on February 18th 2008 Trinket took a turn for the worst and one of the hardest decisions of our 30 years in dogs had to be made, one we have struggled with for years. She will be sadly missed by all the family; Noora, Joanne and Al.

Ganymede's Bramble (Nov 24,1994- Aug 2008)Never liked the show ring, but had 8 points towards his Canadian title. He has sired numerous Champions and figures prominently in the pedigrees of many Ganymede dogs.

Can Ch.Ganymede's Pengelly (Jilly) aka BEAN, while just over six months Jilly won; the 6-9 month class in a field of 23 puppies at The Border Terrier Club of America Specialty Sweepstakes, held in Ohio, she was handled exquisitely by Noora Haapanen; Finished her Canadian championship very fast , and returned to the US , after takin time off for maternity duties returned for that needed single point, but instead took the Breed from the classes for her fourth major.  

Eng. Ch. Otterkin Blue Bayou Conundrum (Ethan) was the top Border Terrier in the UK for 2002, BOB at Crufts in 2003, He came to us on what was to be a temporary basis, but only as "Eef the teef" could, he endeared himself to us and here he stayed, reunited with his old friend Bunty. Thank you Jane Parker. In his North American Debut he was Best Veteran in the 2011 Sweeps; shown by his breeder Kathy Wilkinson. Ethan was co-owned by our dear friend Jane Parker (Conundrum) and Al & Joanne Matheson. We unfortunately lost Ethan in June 2012in his 13th  year, but his legacy lives

Am. and Can. Ch Lutrabeck Songwriter (the beautiful "Bunty"). We aquired Bunty from our dear friends Bob and Carrie Hand. We, having first laid eyes on the plumptuous pup at just 3 weeks of age, we then left her there, where the Hands grew her out and qualified her for Crufts. While there she and Ethan became playmates only to be separated by time and an ocean, they were to be reunited in their golden years.
  We lost this dear old girl in 2014, things have never been them same.
Conundrums Ganymede Magic
Miss Samantha, was bred by Jane Parker who rates her right up there as one of the best bitches she has bred. Shown here on her way to Reserve Winners Bitch at the BTCO at just 6 months of age. She was not terribly fond of a lead around her neck and was only shown very sparingly, but after her litter and some maturing we tried again, she's just to pretty not too have tried, Alas she was determined to be a spoiled house dog and has been loving every minute in her new home.
Can Ch. Ganymede's Dalgleish
 Adam finished quickly as a young dog, and was only shown sparingly. He is a handy sized dog who has produced well, having a few litters on the ground in 2015. All Adam  ever wanted was to be held tight and to please . We placed Adam in a home with Aaron MacFarlane and Rebbeca Poff. He is now an only child, but  according to his new mom and dad, the best little dog in the world, but we already knew that.
Can.Ch. Ganymede's Divine Miss M
Morgan, a Adam daughter who was unfortunately over shadowed by her half sister Hope and probably didn't get her proper dues. She matured into a beautiful, loving little girl with a passion for rabbits and produced some lovely puppies. Sadly we lost Morgan in July 2016 to a sudden and deadly case of pancreatitis, we barely had time to say goodbye, run free sweet girl. 

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