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The name Ganymede was taken from Greek mythology. Ganymede was the name of a Trojan boy of great beauty, whom Zeus carried away to be cup bearer to the gods. It is also the name of the seventh and largest known satellites of Jupiter and is the third of the Galilean moons.

 Ganymede Kennels was founded in 1977 with the acquisition of a chocolate brown American Cocker Spaniel.  Between 1977 and 1990 over 20 American Cocker Champions were bred and owned by Ganymede Kennels including many group placing, specialty Best of Breed, Puppy Group and a Best Puppy in Show winner.  We had long admired the Border Terrier and in 1990, we decided to add a Border Terrier to our home.  We thought this would make a nice change from all the Cocker grooming. Our first Border Terrier was Wimberway's Border's a Beadle (Bea), who endeared herself and the breed deep into our hearts, and the rest, as they say, is history!          

 Our first show Border Terrier and first Border Terrier Champion was the imported bitch, Ch. Plushcourt Brainwave (Lucy) who quickly finished her Championship in Canada. She was followed by a male Ch. Plushcourt Fearless (Dodger) and then another bitch Ch. Plushcourt Rainbow (Zippy) and the foundation of our kennel was established. Next to be imported was Am. and Can. Ch. Lutrabeck Songwriter JE CGE (Bunty) and all of the Ganymede champions of today can be traced back to these dogs. We have bred BISS, MBIS, BIS, BPIS, RBIS, multiple Group winning dogs and many Breed winners.  We have also bred 2 Grand Champion Excellent Borders, a mother and daughter and this is no easy feat.

  We are Life Members of the Brantford and District Kennel and Obedience Club, Life Members of the Canadian Kennel Club, were instrumental in the establishment of the Border Terrier Club of Ontario which gained CKC recognition in 1997 and Founding Members of Border Terrier Canada.  We are also members of the Border Terrier Club of America, Border Terrier Canada and The Border Terrier Club in Great Britain.  Joanne enjoys judging and is currently licensed to judge the Sporting and Terrier Groups.

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